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Oasis of fine cuisinejust a short walk from Bosa downtown

The restaurant hall

Very close to Bosa downtown the restaurant and pizza Sas Covas,
will welcome you with his usual and inviting kitchen, an elegant and spacious environment, a friendly staff and impeccable service.


Dishes of fish and meat, pizza baked in a wood oven and house specialties prepared with fresh ingredients first choice, regional and national wine of high quality, but also dishes and gluten-free pizza,
are just some of our quality.


You just have to come and try it!

traditional recipes

Our mission: to satisfy all palates
looking for a genuine taste

The receptions Club Sas Covas are renowned always
for the extraordinary kindness and rich selection of culinary offerings.
The menus, result of a careful selection of fresh products,
are made according to the rules of a culinary art that privileges
the taste of the variety of flavors.

Tradition and innovation gastronomic find space in a kitchen pleasant to taste and equally beautiful to see, in the colorful and artistic compositions of the dishes.
Because it is especially in the pleasure of eating
which enhances the beauty of an unforgettable meal.

A pizza inspired by the principles of good cooking
in the traditional wood oven

In the beginning was a simple dough: flour, water and salt.
The restaurant and pizza "Sas Covas" turned it into delight the palate.

Here, in fact, is staged the ancient art of the douging
and bake in a wood oven. In a word PIZZA:

a basic dough to enrich in the most original and creative,
with seasonal vegetables (preferably grilled),
cheese and dairy products, in an amalgam of flavor that preserves
the scent of raw materials at the same time alluding to the high gastronomy.

Also we boast the distinction of offering the opportunity to taste
a good pizza also to the gluten intolerant.

why to choose us

    The passion for good food which is notable in our every dish and the continuing search for raw materials fresh and genuine, are the reasons to choose the restaurant and pizza Sas Covas.We try to give a wide choice to those who have food intolerances. In our restaurant in fact are so many dishes and pizzas designed specifically for people with celiac disease but also for those who are vegetarian or vegan.

    The love for the restaurant, handed down from our parents, has become part of our lives so much to transform our work in our greatest passion.

    We put our experience at the service of customers looking to improve and update us constantly. We try to give a more complete service, expanding our expertise to keep pace with the times.

    The Club Sas Covas is the ideal place to organize ceremonies, private parties, christenings, birthdays, business dinners and graduation parties. The environment lends itself to all your special events, in winter you can spend your moments important elegant dining room, in the warm season, however, it will be nice in the green and terraced garden.

    For your event we thought of everything.
    This is why we can guarantee you a whole series of services that brighten your day more memorable. You'll be surprised by all that we can offer you. Your satisfaction and your peace of mind are at the center of our daily work.